Hook into the search

If you would like to hook into the search form and fields some php programming knowledge is needed. The hooks you would use are   wpfh_obit_list_query_search

Then you can either modify the search.php part template or use one of the filters below to add your fields wpfh_search_before wpfh_search_mid wpfh_search_after

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How to add more social media buttons

If you would like to add some custom share buttons you can do so using a hook. The following example places share buttons from sharethis Taking that information we can inject that into funeralpress using some hooks. Place the following code into your functions.php file! Outcome And here is how it will display!

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Filter: wpfh/shortcode/list/block Description: This filter allows you to override the listing view. Placing the code in your functions.php will overide the block view allowing you to switch out variables however you want to.


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