All of the extensions require the FuneralPress Core software to be be installed and activated.

If you are coming from another platform and need a nice quick and easy way to import your obituaries then this is the addon for you! Export your data from your previous platform in a CSV format and you can map it to FuneralPress. The plugin imports all obituary data as well as any photos and dates.

FuneralPress Agency is a great plugin to allow agencies to come in and enter obituaries for you. Assign a user to the agency role to give them the ability to add and edit obituaries. This is great for publications or community websites where you have multiple parties adding obituaries. The Agency extension also gives you the ability to allow the users to auto-approve obituaries or go through an approval process on a user by user basis.

The Agency extension takes the work load off your hands so you can focus on other aspects of your website.

This addon gives you a post slider that shows the latest obits, you can change the height, width, theme and how many obits to show.
Use shortcode: [wpfp_slider] to invoke the new slider.

The FuneralPress Premium Features Extension gives you a powerful set of tools to manage your obituaries even better. This extension is a great add-on for FuneralPress Base and benefits cemeteries, newspapers, online magazines and larger funeral homes.The extension allows you to integrate photos and videos into guestbooks, manage funeral homes and places of worship integrated full with Google maps. Import funeral homes and places of worship with our data link which gives you access to hundreds of thousands of locations in the united states. Print out QR codes for a funeral service that links directly to the obituary so family and friends can sign the e-guestbook directly on your website.

  • Obit QR Code
  • Funeral Home Maps
  • Guestbook Photos
  • Guestbook Videos
  • Import Funeral Homes
  • Import Churches
  • Manage Sections
  • Assign Section
  • Manage location
  • Data Link to import funeral homes and cemeteries
  • Support through tickets

Installation Service
Sometimes installations can be tricky depending on your knowledge of wordpress and server configuration, let us handle it for you buy purchasing this service.


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