Required Shortcode


This shortcode is required and is the main obituary shortcode, put this shortcode on the page you want obituaries to show up on.
This shortcode will not work on the home page please use one of the shortcodes below for your homepage.


Optional Shortcodes

Latest Obituaries


This shortcode allows you to display your latest obituaries on any page, the shortcode has 3 methods listed below

  • style  : list, thumbnails,block  (default: block)
  • howmany:  how many obits you wish to show (default: obits per page amount)
  • Search:  set to 1 if you want to display the search form (default: no search form)

Here is an example that will show the top 10 obit thumbnails with a search form above it

 Subscribe Shortcode

This shortcode allows you to add a subscribe form on any page, methods listed below:

  • name: adds the name field to store names if set to 1 (default: no name
  • button: the text for the subscribe button (default: Subscribe!)
  • style: css style for the form (default:none)

Example form with a style change, name enabled and button text changed:




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